All The Times Katrina Kaif Made Messy Hair Look Good

From what we hear, Bollywood star Katrina Kaif is making quite the impression at the Dabangg Reloaded Tour in the US. Her fans are absolutely loving her stage performances to hit songs from her films, alongside Salman Khan. Katrina’s Instagram account too is proof that she has been setting the stage on fire with her dance moves – from roping in acrobatics to popping and locking, and chair dance. But we are not her to talk about her perfect moves or stunning looks, but instead the few times when Katrina completely let her guard down and had no care of the world.

Just like any of us, the diva too has days when messy hair takes over. But rather that worrying about it, Katrina embraces it and actually has fun while doing so. And in her effortless style, makes it look cool too. Don’t believe us? In her recent Instagram post, Katrina is seen in a de-glam avatar, sans the over the top designer costumes, while carrying out her acrobatic dance. Her messy hair look adds to her vibe of letting go all inhibitions to dance freely.

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