Instagram-Famous Fall Pieces That Are Actually Worth the Hype

Less than five years ago, “ and other style stars are wearing—you can shop their looks straight from Instagram. (Or at least, you can find out what pieces they’re wearing straight from Instagram—and then you can hop over to your web browser to buy your favorites.)

The only issue? Some of the quickest-rising style trends have a pretty short shelf life. And despite their immediate surge in popularity, they’re simply not worth the investment in the long-term. It’s not just a matter of zeroing in on the hottest trends on social media; you also have to comb through the trends to see what’s worth the investment (and hype) and what isn’t.

That challenge can be a tough one to navigate. So we’ve gone ahead and done the work for you. Ahead, you’ll find 17 Instagram-famous fall fashion trends that are practical enough to warrant the investment—and cute enough to warrant the hype.

These key pieces may be currently trending, but they transcend the short attention span of trends born on the ‘Gram.

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