Tress Talk With Celebrity Hair Expert Lesley Jennison On Hair Colour And Star Inspiration

With an abundance of colour, celebrity inspiration and snazzy new trends every time you turn around, the world of hairstyling is a wonderfully creative space and celebrity hair expert Lesley Jennison revels in it. As the Global Colour Ambassador at Schwarzkopf, you can tell that she loves her craft.

Lesley started out at Vidal Sassoon in ’84 and has since worked on celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle Macpherson as well as on runway shows for Raf Simons and Alexander McQueen. On her maiden Indian trip, we got a chance to speak to Lesley Jennison about her celebrity clients and the current hairstyling scenario.

Swirlster: Women, especially from India, have a deep relationship with their hair, don’t they?

Lesley Jennison: All over the world, women want their hair to look best. As professionals, we want to give them good hair advice and recommend the right products for them to trust us and keep coming back.

Swirlster: Which celebrity moment has been a highlight in your hairstyling career?

Lesley Jennison: It was with Paul McCartney. My father was a Beatles fan when I was growing up and even resembled him a bit. When I ended up doing Paul McCartney’s hair in his bathroom while he was singing, that was an absolute ‘Oh My God’ moment for me.

Swirlster: If there was one hair trend you would like to end right away, which would it be?

Lesley Jennison: For me, it would be unicorn hair. Not that I dislike the trend, but people often end up trying to do it themselves rather than trusting a professional due to which the results can be hideous.

Swirlster: Is it possible to actually turn ramp-ready hairstyles to real, wearable hairdos?

Lesley Jennison: Currently, hair has moved from being straight and stiff to undone with plenty of texture. The latter is possible and much easier to do. In our salon, we often replicate looks on clients and show them how to style it.

Swirlster: What is one essential hair product that no one should skip?

Lesley Jennison: It would have to be a hair mask like the Schwarzkopf Colour Freeze Mask. Another essential product to keep hair healthy is leave-in conditioner like Schwarzkopf’s Moisture Kick Conditioner.

Swirlster: Who is your favourite celebrity hair inspiration?

Lesley Jennison: Lily Allen. When she comes to the salon, she is always experimental. Lily has the guts to embrace colour and wigs and flaunts even bright peach and pink hair colours.

Swirlster: Which hair trend can we expect to see soon?

Lesley Jennison: An emerging hair technique that will soon be seen is micro-framing. It involves creating a face framing look with fine hairline. It uplifts and perks up the entire face.

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